Project Description

DM 2220

DM 2220 is a basic mechanical bed with three adjustments for backrest, kneerest and footrest . It has Polypropylene head and foot boards and patented aluminum foldable side rails. It is designed with foldable legs to save from the transportation cost for the distributors and dealers.


  • PP head and foot boards
  • Patented collapsible side rails
  • Foldable legs
  • Epoxy powder coated main construction
  • Four corner bumpers
  • 70 degree backrest adjustment
  • 45 degree knee adjustment
  • Manuel foot adjustment with rastomat

 Technical Dimensions

  • Width 1070 mm Length 2170 mm Height 500 mm
  • Bed Surface Dimension: Width 900 mm Length 2000 mm
  • Standart weight capacity: 210 kg
  • Two individual lockable castors – 125 mm
  • Stainless steel I.V. Pole
  • Trapeze bar for patients lift

Optional Parts

  • Second I.V. Pole
  • Urine bag holder