TRINODAL is the registered healthcare trade mark of Polymetal Inc., a leading global mold & plastic injection company since 1963. POLYMETAL has developed expertise in design, prototyping and manufacturing services according to market demands. Our R&D Department aim is to provide full solution from the customer’s idea to the product by applying reverse-engineering.

The Company POLYMETAL has invested heavily over the past decade in healthcare field beside automotive and defense. TRINODAL is the healthcare part of Polymetal Inc. The company’s success is based on its experiences in R&D, molding and  plastic injection. For us, it is possible to start working from an idea.

In order to develop TRINODAL trade mark in healthcare market, Polymetal uses all its experience and power. TRINODAL is an innovative provider of medical technologies for health care industry such as hospital beds, stretchers, bedside cabinets, examination couches…

Our Research & Development team focuses on the idea as a case study to develop a functional and cost-effective final product by looking after customers’ benefits.