Project Description

DSS 6020

Trinodal SS Products are made by 304 Quality stainless steel raw material.

DSS 6020 is especially designed to use as a medical and instrument cabinet with work bench. It consists of two main parts. Upper section has double-wings glass lockable doors and inside it has two shelves. Bottom section has double-wings lockable doors and it has one shelve in the middle section and has two drawers to make easier to work on the bench section.


  • Made of 304 quality stainless steel
  • Connecting Apparatus are stainless steel
  • Double-wings lockable glass doors and two shelves inside
  • Two easy operated drawers
  • Work bench area to prepare easily the medicaments
  • Double-wings lockable stainless steel doors and one shelf inside
  • Legs are stainless steel and adjustable
  • No sharp edges
  • Ultra hygienic

Outer Dimensions

  • Width: 800 mm
  • Depth: 500 mm
  • Height: 1800 mm