Project Description

DG 1010

TRINODAL DG 1010  manual gynecology table is  suitable for gynecologic examination. This  chair is  offering a unique combination of functional, aesthetic and working characteristics


  • Manual adjustments of backrest, footrest and trendelenburg functions
  • Stainless steel waste bin  (removable)
  • Epoxy  coated metal frame
  • Polyurethane leg supports (Adjustable and removable)
  • Synthetic leather coated mattress surface
  • Support handles
  • One Step Escabo
  • Tissue roll hanger

Technical Dimensions

  • External Dimensions740 x 1250 mm
  • Height 990 mm
  • Mattress Dimensions : 580 x 1720 mm

Optional Parts

  • Different color options (MOQ Required)