Project Description


DE 4000X SUPERIOR is high segment model in DE 4000X series and provides extra high standarts to the patients and caregivers. It is designed for especially long term critical care units as being 4 motorized fully function low electronic bed with battery back-up, double central locakable castors, nurse control panel, membrane switches on side rails and other fully characteristics. All DE 4000X models have 2000 mm lying surface which is suitable also for the growing demand in the market. With its stylish appearance, it is designed for safety and comfort according to EN 60601-2-52 Standard.


  • Easy to Use and Fully Featured Bed
  • Low Height (38 cm)
  • Backrest, Leg-Rest, Height Adjustment, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg Movements
  • Auto Regression Backrest System (11 cm) to Improve Patient Comfort During Backrest Adjustment
  • Polypropylene Side Rails and Bed Ends
  • Angle Indicators on Side Rails
  • Epoxy Coated Metal Frame
  • HDPL Anti-Bacterial Backrest Platform for X-Ray and
  • X-Ray Cassette Holder
  • Other Parts of Mattress Platform is From Anti-Bacterial
  • ABS Plastic (Removable)
  • Patented Side Rail Mechanism
  • Double Central Lockable Castors
  • Protective Plastic Corner Bumpers
  • Drainage Bag Hooks at Both Side
  • Stainless Steel Height Adjustable I.V. Pole
  • Foot Section Adjustment by Semi-Automatic Racks
  • Membrane Switches Control on the Side Rails
  • Nurse Control Panel
  • Manual CPR
  • Trapez Bar for Patients’ Lift
  • Bed Extension up to 18 cm
  • Battery Back-Up
  • Underbed Light

Technical Dimensions

  • External Dimensions: 1080×2200 mm
  • Mattress Platform: 900×2000 mm
  • Height (Without Mattress): 380-780 mm
  • Back-Rest Angle: 0-75°
  • Knee-Rest Angle: 0-45°
  • Footrest Angle: 0-30°
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: +- 16°
  • Double Castor Diameter: Ø150 mm
  • Safe Working Load Capacity: 230 kg
  • Liquid ingress Protection: IPx66
  • Power: 220V ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical Shock Protection: Class I, Type B